Almost no one dares to recognize that a relationship has not worked due to sexual problems or their incompatibility in sex. We generally attribute the break to other emotional motives as if sex was not relevant in the course the relationship takes. We talk about sexual compatibility, whether or not it is essential in the couple.

The importance of sexual compatibility in the couple

The truth is that sexual compatibility is one of the most important aspects that keep the couple together. Without sexual compatibility it will be very difficult to overcome all those sexual phases that go through relationships and that often put the union in check. Sex is not the only thing that keeps the couple together, but it does have more importance than we think.

And it is that through sex a couple increases their degree of emotional intimacy, they approach or move away, depending on the case and for many what happens in bed is the proof that there is their better half, the last of their shoe, your ripping for the broken or the ideal couple. In fact, when sexual problems threaten a stable partner, the end may be most unpredictable.

Some people may wonder what is it about sexual compatibility in the couple when the differences between men and women in this area are evident. Well known is the difference in libido between the members of the couple, but that does not mean sexual incompatibility. Sexual compatibility occurs when both understand sex in the same way.

Because for some people sex is a procedure, for others an obligation, for some an obsession and not missing who uses it as a currency. When in a couple they both understand sex in the same way and include it in the recipe of a happy couple, then there is sexual compatibility. And then, also, you enjoy sex more as a couple.

It is known that sex influences in a transcendental way the good understanding and stability of couple relationships, because it is not only about the physical connection that means as such but also, the union that represents in the emotional part.

It is very common the fact that after a good time of relationship, the intensity begins to decrease and sometimes the monotony that can wreak havoc on the union of a couple comes, it is a fact that this aspect influences the problems of the couple, as well as Other problems influence the issue of sexuality.

For this reason, it is essential to establish dialogue with your partner, listen to their opinions and desires, as well as understand that neither of them is right, each one has their truth and in the end the truth is of both.

Reaching agreements on the subject can be very useful. When passion begins to lose, it is important to look for help mechanisms that motivate them to live new experiences in the sexual field. You can buy books on the market for couples specialized in the subject, which will surely open your mind and his to maximize the honey of love.

Neglecting this field of the relationship can be a fatal mistake, because in many opportunities and depending on the strength of your relationship, you will open spaces that in a moment of confusion or absence, will allow your partner sexual exploration away from you, generating problems much more serious and that many times end the relationship.

Not with this we mean that sex is the only important thing, on the contrary, it is only one apart from the relationship and neither can it be seen as a whole. The respect, love, care and interest you show towards your partner are the basis. But you cannot leave aside sexuality because it also leaves many situations that maintain the stability and union of the couple.

Try trying new things in bed, oils with essences to massage different parts of your partner’s body until you reach the most intimate parts, ice, mints, strawberries, chantill√≠ or whatever you want to experience different things.

There are a thousand ways to flourish what is wilting, so throw yourself into new experiences, because innovating in this aspect strengthens relationships and always leaves the imagination of the other person the question, what will he have again for tonight?

If you have children, look for a time to be alone with your partner and use the kitchen, living room, study, bathroom or whatever you can think of. There are many ways to do different things to keep the flame of passion alive, look for new tricks and share them with your friends, you will see that they will also have many to share with you and little by little you will realize their sexual fantasies and yours.

Put aside modesty with your partner, shyness and shame only put obstacles that deteriorate sexuality leaving the relationship on a tight rope.

Finally, never lose your essence, remember that what you are and what he fell in love with is within you and will never change. Feel comfortable with what you do, so you will ensure the success of your relationship. Seek to share time alone with your partner to talk, make a romantic dinner or watch a movie, remember that lack of time can never be an excuse.



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