Also known as anaphrodisia, this alteration goes far beyond the lack of sexual appetite. What is it, why does it arise and how to fight it? An expert in the field resolves all doubts.

Movies, books and the social context in which we have grown have instilled in us from a very young age the term ‘sex addiction’, but very few people have stopped to talk about the opposite side: sexual anorexia. We are not talking only about the lack of sexual appetite, but about a problem that goes much further.

People who suffer from this disorder see sex as a sneaky enemy that they don’t want to know about and that they reject at all times, and not as the satisfying and pleasant experience it should be.

To understand more in depth this complex pathology, from Harper’s Bazaar we have talked with a sexologist to solve all our doubts.

Symptoms of sexual anorexia:

Fear and anxiety are two of the main symptoms most present in people affected by this type of disorder when performing or thinking about any sexual practice. The sexologist affirms that it is “the fear of having contact with others, of developing intense feelings and emotions, of being attracted to someone, of vulnerability, even of feeling their own sexuality, or of starting a relationship, which produces them great anxiety, and therefore avoid and reject it at all costs. They usually live in isolation, consume pornography (in many cases), and have a low level of sex education. “

There can also be other factors related to anaphrodisia and that is to avoid this type of sexual contact people go to bed early, make any excuse for the intimate encounter, turn to family, friends or any other type of entertainment that keeps them busy.

Causes that cause sexual anorexia:

  • lack of sex education
  • frustration as a result of porn consumption.
  • high expectations in sexual relations
  • lack of selfesteem
  • sexual abuse or aggressions especially during childhood
  • bad intimate experiences
  • conflicts of couple
  • problems at work
  • being under a high level of stress

Similarities with eating disorder:

They are two pathologies that come from very similar points. According to specialists, there are some emotions that are manifested in both anorexias, hence they are called similar, such as: loneliness, perfectionism, self-demand, not respecting oneself, isolation, lack of self-esteem, and security, inferiority, and the fear of moving token and fail.

That’s where the analogy of sex with food comes into play. In sexual anorexia instead of avoiding food intake with the consequence of feeling good about oneself, the person at all costs avoids any type of sexual contact by mastering their own life and affecting the people around them.

It is a disorder that has a solution

The first thing to do to combat the sexual problem is start by treating each one’s personal perception because there is a problem in the person’s perception of themselves.

It is also very important to focus on sex education, change the preconceived ideas that the person of sex has and create a new and healthy discourse around it. Learn to see it as something positive and not as an enemy.

In addition, yes or yes, stress and anxiety should be reduced, and work to increase self-esteem, security and confidence lost along the way.
Is sexual anorexia the same as sexual bulimia?

No. In the case of sexual bulimia, we are facing a somewhat different definition. The aversion is not to sex but to intimacy. Hence, they have a compulsive behavior to numerous sexual encounters, staying in that without reaching anything else, for fear of having greater intimacy. And this, as happens in bulimia, in the end causes a feeling of guilt.

Remember that if you think you may be suffering from some of these sexual disorders, do not hesitate to go to an expert in the field to start treating it right away. Because it is very likely that it does not affect only your most intimate relationships, but it is a problem that affects all levels of your life.



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